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Several iEARN country programs offer online professional development opportunities for educators. While the course offerings vary, they share a common goal of supporting educators and students to use technology to enable collaborative project work.

Below is a list of current course offerings offered by TELAR (iEARN-Argentina), iEARN-Pangea (Spain), and iEARN-USA.

TELAR (iEARN-Argentina) Online Professional Development

An online course for Argentinian and Latin American K-12 teachers.

Since 2003 Fundación Evolución, through its programme TELAR-iEARN, offers a free online course for teachers of different subjects and school levels. Through this 12 week course teachers learn how to integrate online collaborative projects into their classes. Participants have the permanent guide of an experienced tutor, as well as the support of project facilitators, who guides them on their participation with their students in an online project as part of the course.

Course offered in Spanish.

For more information on this and other courses offered by Fundación Evolución see

iEARN-Pangea Online Professional Development

Since 2005, iEARN-Pangea has offered online professional development courses to teachers under the official recognition of the Catalan Ministry of Education. Most of these courses have been taught under the Virtual Summer School with an average participation of 250 teachers per year (25 per group). We offer different courses: Creation of Collaborative Projects, Participation in Collaboration Projects, Creation of Learning Environments under Moodle and Educational Use of Web 2.0 Tools (Video and Image, Documents Online, Blogging and Microblogging, Social Networking...).

In 2009, we added international courses on the Educational Use of QR codes.

Course offered in Catalan, English, and Spanish.

You may find more information and access our Virtual Campus at

iEARN-USA Online Professional Development

Next Course Session: September 24th - November, 21st 2010

An online course program open to K-12 teachers worldwide.

Developed in 2001, iEARN-USA's 8-week facilitated online course program guides K-12 educators in evaluating global projects, and aligning them with state and/or national curriculum standards as part of an integrated project plan. Along with coursemates from around the world, educators choose a project to participate in, develop this topic for students and make plans to share student work via iEARN's password-protected interactive project spaces.

Through this small-scale implementation of a project, course participants see first-hand how to incorporate global project work into their classroom and curriculum. Best of all, participants meet and network with colleagues around the world who can make teaching and learning more fun and interesting throughout year.

Among the course offerings, open to teachers from around the world, are:

  • Creative Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies,Contemporary Affairs,Geography
  • Science, Technology, Math
  • Teaching of Foreign and Second Languages
  • Learning Circles
  • World Youth News: Integrating Journalism skills into the classroom

Course offered in English.

For more information, and to register, see the iEARN-USA website.