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iEARN Suriname projecten

Sedert haar start in 1998 heeft iEARN Suriname tal van nationale en international projecten uitgevoerd. Hier is een greep van de projecten die in de loop der jaren is uitgevoerd.


A delegation represented iEARN Suriname at their first iEARN International Conference, held in Tennessee, U.S.A. in July 1998. By attending this conference iEARN Suriname became an official member of the iEARN community and as such started to recruit participants, teachers and students, from other schools in Suriname.

In December 1998 the first project of iEARN Suriname was launched called “CAKI - Campaign for Kids”. The purpose of the project was to try and meet the needs of children from a relatively poor environment, by organizing fundraising activities.


During the first quarter of 1999 students initiated "Exchanging Cultures Makes Friends". This project was presented at the 6th Annual iEARN Conference in July 1999 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The iEARN Suriname delegation presented this project during the "YOUTH DAY" at the conference in Puerto Rico, covering our various cultures as a peaceful co-existence in Suriname.

KVCO- Video Project

At this conference an international project named "Kids Video Collaboration Online" was launched with ten participating countries including Suriname. This environmental project covered the following topics:

  • Nature preservation - Showcases on National Parks;
  • Pollution and;
  • Waste Management.

Students and their teachers / coordinators in the participating countries, collaborated through e-mail and the Internet, exchanging information on the above mentioned topics, using video footage to enhance their stories. The video footage was then sent to the international coordinator of the KVCO project, Schools Online, an international organization whose motto is: "Connecting schools together, one computer, one school at a time". There the footage of all the participating member countries was edited into one presentation videotape of iEARN International and KVCO Project called: "Get on the Net, And there we Are".

Tonka Island Promotional Video

iEARN Suriname students worked on "Nature Preservation: Showcases on National Parks," visiting the Brownsberg Nature Park and Tonka Island situated at the foot of the Brownsberg in the van Blommenstein reservoir (lake) both part of the Brokopondo district. A result of the visits to Tonka Island was  the making of a promotional video, in order to help the Panda Foundation, managing the island in its strive to make Tonka Island an education center for students in the Brokopondo area as well as from the coastal region, exchanging information and learning from each other’s culture and customs.

Math On-line

Math On-line is a project where school classes in different countries exchange information and experiences on the use of mathematics in the real day-to-day world via e-mail and the Internet. This project is an on-going project in which students of iEARN Suriname also have participated and contributed.