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Projects and Trainings in Suriname

KaKi – Kampagne voor Kinderen in Dec. 1998

  • The iEARN teachers and students organized a special fundraising campaign during the holy season of 1998 for the children of  the Children’s home ……….that has been devastated by a raging fire.

KVCO - Kids Video Collaboration Online ,1999/2000

  • The E-mail/ video project “ Kids Video Collaboration Online has been prepared and designed by  Schools Online a non profit organization in the U.S.A. for students to discuss and do research  regarding the environmental aspects in their country regarding nature conservation and pollution.
  • The following countries took part in this project: Suriname, Mexico, Uganda, Latvia, Macedonia, India and South Africa.
  • A video film presentation of 12 minutes was the end result of the joint effort of all the participating schools/ students in their respective countries.

Learning Circle - Math in our Lives ,1999

  • A typical project to be used in class for the math lessons and is adapted to be applied to the every day live occurrences.

Planet Project, Nov. 2000

  • This project has been initiated by the U.S.A. organization “ Against All Odds Productions” together with the computer giant 3COM..
  • During 4 days planet pollsters made a survey starting at the same time in 158 countries across the globe with their Palm PC in their hands.
  • The objective was to find out by having these polls how people are experiencing life in the year 2000.
  • iEARN- Suriname did perform very well during the entire survey and did receive two technical grants.

Medicines in Our Backyard ,2001/2002

  • At the KVCO meeting in Beijing it was proposed by the delegate from India to continue with a similar kind of project with the herbal plants as the subject.
  • They did question the meeting if anybody did know of the Niem plant and were surprised to learn that this plant was well known in Suriname, due to the fact that 150 years ago the contract laborers from India did bring the plant with them to Suriname.
  • At that point in time it was decided to continue with the international iEARN project Medicines in Our Backyard, coordinated by iEARN-Suriname with India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Slovenia and Ukraine as participants.

Training : Introduction to iEARN & project-based learning, April 2001

  • 50 Teachers of secondary schools were trained in the project based learning programs and they did make their first acquaintance with the iEARN Network